The Survival Guides are part of a collective publishing project made up of words and images and born from the need for collective examination of this very particular moment in history,

and to promote a reflection on the scenarios that await our communities in this period of significant change. 96 writers took part in the creative process.

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MEMENTO MORI means acquiring everyday awareness of the transient nature of life.
We die, we all die, as do all the members of our community. This is a certainty, perhaps the only certainty we have, and it is important to remember it in this very particular moment in history, where every aspect of our social lives, our contexts and our very existence is pervaded with uncertainty.
In a certain sense, this is nothing new, as death, and perhaps birth as well, are the only certainties that we have. As a result, all that remains for use to do is to decided day by day how to face the matter, from which our current ways of life distance us, in search of a mythical form of immortality and towards the paradoxical limitedness nature of our limited lives.
Yet immortality does not exist, or rather it exists in other ways. In any case, we will die, at least physically.
This manual has been conceived as celebration of life, a life lived for the moment, for as long as we exist.

The manual has been created through a process similar to surrealistic games of visual grammar. Each of the 13 artists from the hOMe network had just one day to create their work, in total freedom in terms of technique and style, and were required to re-interpret an element – a shape, an image, or a detail – from the image sent to them by the artist who worked the day before. The collective work can be defined as a chain of communication though images, composed of 13 steps and created in 13 days.
The theme of each work is the main theme of the guide, MEMENTO MORI.


The aim of the Food Survival Guide is to provide a useful tool for those who have to, or will have to, make savings. This guide offers practical solutions to facing the economic crisis without losing out on tasty food, encouraging a more ethical and fair consumption of food.
The Guide is a collection of 26 low-cost recipes from 16 different people, including chefs, grannies and amateurs.
Each recipe has been created with a maximum of 5 ingredients (plus one extra) chosen from a predefined list of low-cost and east-to-find items.

The contributions are therefore the result of an intellectual and creative process, and together form an enjoyable recipe book that can be used by anyone.
The contributors: Simone Casini, Marina Ravarotto (ChiaroScuro), Ilaria Ditta, Stefano Caria, Carlo Defraia (Madriga), Daniel the translator, nonna Rosa, Federica Vargiu, nonna Bonny, Fortunato Crispu, Francesca Murtas, Giulia Casula, Adriano Zucca, Michela Pacifico, Mesanoa , Roberta Diana, Serena Loi, Paola Corrias, Daniele Gregorini Petr Davydtchenko and Becky Haghpanah-Sirawan.

In the first video linked to the Food Survival Guide, the chef Simone Casini cooks in an abandoned farm building in the midst of the Sardinian countryside. The recipe is IN CROSTA E AL CARTOCCIO


For the second issue of the Guide to surviving social isolations, 51 people, both artists and non, were asked to reflect on the famous tale of Hänsel and Gretel, each in their own way examining the stages of the very personal process that we are all going through. The story of the two children thus becomes a metaphor for the current situation, a new and multifaceted work made up of text, image and sound, and with an alternative moral.

The contributors: Paola Corrias, Daniele Gregorini, Barbara Pani, Gianluca Gelsomino, Antonio Bardino, Giulia Casula, Vanessa Aroff Podda, Fabio Caccuri, Antonio Pipolo, Giuseppe Pascucci, Maria Susca, Giovanni Cristino, Alisia Cruciani, Michele Ciccimarra, Bianca Maria fasiolo, Benedetta Medas, Massimiliano Perasso, Riccardo Camboni, Matteo Campulla, Gianluca Gaias, Daniela Frongia, Nicola Cioglia, Away, Marco Colombo, Alberto Antonio Foresta, Daniel Jaulmes, Gerardo Rosato, Ilaria Ditta, Andrea Aversano, Marco Cabiddu, Giacomo Salis, Paolo Sanna, Davide Tocco, Mattia Turco, Francesco Accardo, Chiara Foddis, Marcello Nocera, Michelle Pisapia, M.Lasi/O.De Las Golondrinas, Ilaria Siddi, Elfo Anonimo, Davide Bertolino, Milena Sanna, Elena Fratta, Andrea Siddi, Jacopo Bortigoni, Marco Cadeddu, Francesca Saba, Zeno and Bianca


The first issue of the Guide involved the work of 16 people. The guide includes 4 written critical articles and 12 works. The proposal made to the artists was to interpret, through a dedicated work of art, the theme of nutrition, evasion, resistance and vision in terms of the three dimensions of humans: body, mind and spirit.

The contributors: Daniele Gregorini, Paola Corrias, Mahmoud Suboh, Andrea Casciu, Alonso Crespo, Alberto Marci, Marirosa Pili, Amirah Suboh, Giacomo Zucca, Stefania Ariu, Roberto Loddo, Luisa Siddi, Ruben Mureddu, Stefano Gregorini, Skan, Daniela Masia.

The Guide to surviving social isolation was created on 23 March, during the first month in which Italy entered lockdown and called on its citizens to isolate at home.
This document is a result of the need of the authors to react, and to reflect on the intimate and shared condition that we are currently experiencing, and of the desire to maintain a sense of community and to share their visions.
We believe that one important skill of artists is to freely express their own imaginations, drawing on their interpretation of the present in order to envisage the future. We passionately believe that now more than ever, these visions need to be available to everyone, as they are an effective way to face social isolation with a critical spirit.


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