Made-to-measure strategies for your business, hOMe provides support for companies in the setting out of effective strategies, personalised according to goals and resources, selecting the services most suited to the specific commodity and creating made-to-measure packages.

Events and exhibitions for your locations

Design Staging Management Promotion hOMe offers a full range of management services for creative and artistic events. Place your trust in our team of experts and professionals, focused on your goals and needs.

Events / Conception and organisation of creative events / Event staging

Art for your brand

Your brand is the representation of your company. Make it a unique masterpiece capable of capturing the essence and enhancing the personality of your business. The artists and experts at hOMe for your marketing.

Personalised marketing programmes / Creative communication and social innovation courses aimed at businesses and communities / Communication and image for companies, public organisations and the tertiary sector

Creative regeneration processes

hOMe designs and implements programmes for the valorisation of urban, rural and industrial spaces or the recovery of derelict or abandoned sites, bringing them back to life through artistic and creative processes.

Urban regeneration and local development processes / Requalification and reassignment of spaces

Culture, identity, community

hOME promotes processes for the construction, enhancement and recovery of local identities through cultural projects characterised by collective participation, stimulating and reinforcing a sense of community.

Community building / Cultural projects / Activation of community processes and local development

The art of building a team

Art is the most powerful tool in constructing a shared vision, creating group identity and strengthening cohesion. hOMe accompanies your team through innovative artistic and creative team-building processes.

New processes of facilitation and team building through creativity

Purchasing/renting works of art

Purchase or rent works of art for domestic or corporate spaces, as well special events, in a fast and secure manner. Visit the gallery, find the works that best respond to your desires and needs, or commission new projects and tailor-made services from your favourite artists. An expert counselling service will provide you with support throughout the process.

Purchase and rent works of art / Collecting

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