hOMe serving your art
hOMe offers artists and artisans a global network of contacts for exchange, growth and design. A network through which to increase their visibility, with made-to-measure showcase and management services. Exclusive access to physical and digital spaces in which to express their creative processes.

Your academy

Feed your creativity and increase your skills with a wided range of training courses. Meet new artists, learn new techniques, explore new possibilities.

Training courses

Art for your brand

Promote your works with a personalised showcase, and receive professional consultancy on sales, full support in client relationships and full security for transactions.

Sale of artwork

Your studio

Access physical and digital spaces that allow you to create, promote and exhibit your work. Studios, workshops, galleries, event and conference halls. Art requires space, hOMe welcomes you.


Your web page

hOME promotes processes for the construction, enhancement and recovery of local identities through cultural projects characterised by collective participation, stimulating and reinforcing a sense of community.

Community building / Cultural projects / Activation of community processes and local development

The network artists

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